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Form & Forest is Prefabulous

Monday, June 22nd, 2009

The Trapper cabin is turning out to being quite the charmer. In fact her gracious lines caught the eye of The Independent newspaper of the UK and suddenly the Trapper found herself amongst 6 of the hottest prefabs out there . And we didn’t even have time to get the sash and tiara ready. The article though is much more than a beauty contest as it delves into the sustainable promise of prefab construction.   An issue that we take seriously considering the delicate and beautiful environments that Form & Forest cabins are designed for.  Click here for the full article .

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Get Building Your Prefab Cabin Sooner

Wednesday, April 15th, 2009

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Spring is here and if the smell of cherry blossoms and the sight of daffodils isn’t enough to get you thinking about building your cabin getaway, we have launched our spring special to give you even further incentive. We’re offering a significant discount on our cabin packages and plans. There’s one small catch though. If you want to get in on the deal you need to sign up to our list like the other smart folks who are already getting the jump on things. So be sure to get on the list and take advantage before May 31st. Just like the blossoms of spring this special wont be around forever. Get on the list here!

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Form & Forest Cabin Kits - The View From the Studio

Monday, February 23rd, 2009
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A while back we posted some sketch models that were part of the design process underway at D’arcy Jones Design . Since we have released both the Ranger and Cowboy it would only be natural to show the logical conclusion of these designs from the designer’s point of view. D’arcy has posted some really nice images of the finished concept models and elevations for both the Ranger and the Cowboy. These lovely models give you a real sense of the attention to detail that went into the development of these perfectly proportioned spaces. Looking at these makes me wonder if we shouldn’t be offering these models as a collection themselves.

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The Prefab Cabin Collection - A Sneak Peek

Thursday, January 29th, 2009

With the official launch of less than a month away a lot of you have been asking "Just what are these prefab cabins going to look like anyway?" Some of the more impatient have even suggested the cabins are myth, going so far as to suggest that Form and Forest is actually a snow fort fan site dedicated to the men and woman who build them.

prefab cabin

Well I can assure you that the cabins are real and are nearly ready for prime time with just a few more tweaks to go by D’arcy Jones and his cadre of superstar designers. Believe me the final wait has become as excruciating for us as for you. So to satisfy your longing we’re dropping a few spy snaps from the studio. Hopefully you get as excited by foam core sketch models as much as we do. If you need a greater fix be sure to sign up for our newsletter , the february edition is sure to tide you over with even sweeter previews.

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