Why Build a Cabin from Form & Forest?

build a cabin

Want to build a cabin? Get to know Form & Forest.

If you have ever dreamed of getting away to a contemporary piece of design your moment has arrived. We have worked hard to bring stunning design together with prefab manufacturing techniques that allow you to build a cabin and enjoy it sooner.

  • We start with great design and the understanding that people are going to use the cabins we build. A cabin is a sanctuary. The cabin experience is about recreation, and restoration. It should restore, not diminish your sanity.
  • We are about building less. Building less means less money, less time, less waste, less stress on you and the environment. Building less means less of everything that doesn’t make you happy.
  • We believe in a new approach to design and building a cabin. We utilizes building methods that result in faster construction times, higher quality, and greater affordability.
  • We believe in streamlining design and construction in order to make good design by noted designers more accessible. We are building a framework that allows you to build a cabin that reflects a mutual passion for good design by both you us.

The benefits of building a Form & Forest cabin

We offer an exciting new way to build a cabin . We believe that thoughtful design leads to better experiences for people. We love architecture and we love industrial design which leads us to the belief that not every building should start with an empty lot and a blank page. The traditional site based approach to design and building presupposes every project is entirely original. The reality is that every home and every cabin share a lot of common elements. Embracing this reality leads to savings in time and money while extending the opportunity of owning good design to a larger audience.

Form & Forest offers a range cabins that have been designed for how you live at the cabin, both inside and out. Generous indoor and outdoor living spaces group the eating, entertaining and relaxing together while offering seclusion for sleeping and quiet reading. The generous decks and large windows are designed into the plans with the full expectation that you will be building your cabin in a pretty fantastic landscape. A Landscape whose vistas, trees and rocks should be appreciated and embraced. If you have a piece of vacation property to build a cabin on, Form & Forest will enable you to experience it in the utmost.

Your vacation home will be remote by definition and will likely be in a sparsely populated area. Hiring a contractor, heading back home (which may be several hours away), and hoping for the best is not likely to make you happy. When you build a cabin with the prefabricated components of a Form & Forest cabin kit, on site construction processes are streamlined for you and your builder, requiring less labor and sub trades on your building site. Prefabricated components makes it easier for you to manage the building process resulting in a quicker path to ultimately enjoying your finished cabin.

We are in the final stages of planning before we launch our first cabin plans. D’Arcy Jones has developed a range of amazing cabin plans for us. We will be releasing some preliminary information over the next few days and weeks. If you interested in getting this we highly recommend that you get on the email list for the latest Form & Forest news and design updates.

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