Nice People Saying Nice Things…

November 11th, 2012

Chris, a recent guest of ours left a very nice review of the Pioneer cabin and his experience there. If you are looking for an objective view of the design this is a good summary.

The design is fantastic, with views to the outside from almost everywhere. My visit allowed me to see a number of nice design details that I would not have fully appreciated from just studying floor plans. The sliding doors at opposite ends of the ground floor allow a cross breeze through the kitchen and living area, which would be very nice in the summer. From the entry, you can see out the far side of the cabin, and the window at the top of the stairs adds light and space to the stairwell. Just a few of a dozen or so details you can only pick up in person, and all superbly executed in the Pioneer. The Blaeberry River is only a few meters away, and the sound of water running over stones is constant whenever you are outside or have the doors open – fantastic.

The whole review can be found here. Thanks for the kind words Chris.

Hola España!

November 11th, 2012

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You now have an opportunity to read about us in Spanish thanks to a recent mention in Arquitectura y Diseño Magazine’s November issue.  If you’re in Spain you might want to pick up a copy and check out the nice spread of like minded design they’ve put together.

Image Credit:  Arquitectura y Diseño

So Long Prefab… Hello Cabin Plans

November 3rd, 2012

It’s true. We are no longer selling the prefab building kits for our cabin collection.  Why? There are a number of reasons however I’ll keep it brief. It has always been our goal to bring you high end modern cabin design at an affordable price. Attempting to deliver the design and lifestyle through the medium of prefab construction has unfortunately complicated this ideal. Add to this a rather turbulent economic environment and what you end up with is a landscape lacking in Form & Forest cabins. Which is too bad because we are passionate about contemporary design and modern cabin living and believe everybody needs a nice place to getaway to, replenish the soul, and absorb the landscape. The good news is we are still selling the plans for all of the cabins in our collection. You’re going to need to round up some land and find a builder because the even better news is we are selling the plans for $999.00 for a short time. This is a phenomenal price for the quality of the design. So in keeping with our ideal you can spend more money on construction and less on the design. May a landscape of happily inhabited Form & Forest cabins abound!

The Pioneer Cabin In The Making

February 28th, 2011

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Henry David Thoreau had Walden Pond, Tom Thompson had the lakes, rocks and trees of the Canadian Shield and Form & Forest has five acres of pristine riverside Rocky Mountain wilderness. Five acres of wilderness embraced on three sides by a glacial river surrounded by the soaring peaks of the Canadian Rockies.  Not only are these five acres the perfect setting for a modern cabin they also act as the perfect muse for Form & Forest.  Inspiring the nature of the company and the design of the cabins themselves. Read the rest of this entry »